Wednesday, 7 November 2012

Raffaele Ascione!

Today was amazing to meet Raffaele Ascione, an already-made-it becoming-more-famous fashion designer who currently lives in London, from Italy but studied in my college back in 2003-2005 , Limerick College of Further Education, and learnt from the same tutors I am now. He was inspiring and he really gave me more drive and determination with the fashion industry as I felt like I was going no where with it recently, he even told us that he to this day, even though he's already made it in the industry, still doubts himself. I really learnt alot from him today such as if I really want the full fashion experience I should get myself work experience in any part of the industry with any free time that I have and do interns during the summer just to gain valuable skills and experience. I was totally star struck by him, althought I acted calm. I cant believe that it hasnt taken him long to make it in the industry and hes already worked with Lady Gaga, Jessie J and Florence Welch aswel as being approached by Burberry, Max Mara and even got to work for Pugh and John Rocha. 
This evening I went straight home and researched what I have to do to get myself in a position like him, I even found out that St Angelas College, Sligo is starting a new course in September 2012 doing Fashion Design & Business Mananagment which is right up my street. Just gotta work well in my course getting five distinctions and a portfolio by February 1st. Im too excited for my future now, I hope it works out.

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