Thursday, 6 December 2012

The Parlour Meeting Showing our Designs!

Aubars Pub in Limerick asked our Fashion Design class to design uniforms for their new bar called 'The Parlour' which is inspired by the 1800's look mixed with tweed and converse look, basically - Avril Lavigne meets Downton Abbey. Anyway, heres a few pictures from that day taken by moi.
Me and the fabulous most glamourous woman ever, Rose Griffin, who makes the best cupcakes, mincepies and wholemeal bread in all the land of Irelasnd. She was nervous for the meeting & I was excited!

Also, the college put up their christmas tree today and I thought it would be nice to get a close up showing of my digital photography skills that don't quite exist, but I like the photo.

Here is Katie Murphy, the next Mary Portas, showing her Fashion Designs to the staff of 'The Parlor' - A woman in action!

Here is the rest of the gang nervous and anxious for their meeting with the staff. Kate, Autumn, Avril & Veronica.

Tuesday, 4 December 2012

Winter weather!

I think this photo is a beautiful example of the weather Ireland can receive in Ireland. It was taken near my hometown Limavady in a place called Downhill at the beach in county Derry. It was taken at 1am when the moonlight hit the clouds and created the warm colours and shadows that we can see in the photo. The person responsible for the photo is Brian Fullerton - " The picture was taken around 1 in the morning . The moon light was so strong that it was throwing the shadows that you see on the wet sand of the beach. Picture is as it came off the memory card of the camera . It has only been converted from RAW format to JPEG - no photoshopping!"

Celeb Gossip!

Katy Perry's been named Billboard Woman Of The Year at their annual event in NYC. Carly Rae Jepsen was also there and she picked up the Rising Star honour, claiming that "dreams can come true." Oh, this is emotional.
Also today, Heidi Klum's held her annual Haloween party (a little bit late, in December) and she decided to dress up as Cleopatra and spend three hours getting crystals stuck on her face. As you do. It's okay though, cause Heidi found time to do some chartiy work and lift some boxes whilst the party was going on.
And finally, everyone's talking about a certain royal baby. K-Middy and Wills have announced they're expecting their first child and loads of celebs have taken to Twitter to express their delight

The Future for Me!!

Really delighted that I came across this course at GMIT in Galway recently. It really sounds like something I;d like to do ratherthan pure fashion design which just wouldn't ever suit me, ever. Atleast with this course I can do postgraduate courses in fashion such as Fashion Buying & Merchandising which is in DIT Dublin. I am excited for the future. Leaving home isn't something I find hard so I'm looking forward to my future and moving out and in to the big world!

Aboriginal Art!

In drawing class we are moving on to learn about Aboriginal Art, its background, famous pieces and famous artists who use this.

Indigenous Australian art (also known as Australian Aboriginal art) is art made by the indigneous people of Australia and in collaborations between Indigenous and Non-Indigenous Australians. It includes works in a wide range of media including painting on leaves, wood carving, rock carving, sculpture, ceremonial clothing and sandpainting

Drawing of Me!

In drawing class we have to draw pictures of ourselves using grid reference, and drawing from a picture that was previously taken of us. This was the end drawing of mine, its like the only bit of work I've properly done for that class all year, woops.