Thursday, 6 December 2012

The Parlour Meeting Showing our Designs!

Aubars Pub in Limerick asked our Fashion Design class to design uniforms for their new bar called 'The Parlour' which is inspired by the 1800's look mixed with tweed and converse look, basically - Avril Lavigne meets Downton Abbey. Anyway, heres a few pictures from that day taken by moi.
Me and the fabulous most glamourous woman ever, Rose Griffin, who makes the best cupcakes, mincepies and wholemeal bread in all the land of Irelasnd. She was nervous for the meeting & I was excited!

Also, the college put up their christmas tree today and I thought it would be nice to get a close up showing of my digital photography skills that don't quite exist, but I like the photo.

Here is Katie Murphy, the next Mary Portas, showing her Fashion Designs to the staff of 'The Parlor' - A woman in action!

Here is the rest of the gang nervous and anxious for their meeting with the staff. Kate, Autumn, Avril & Veronica.

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