Saturday, 17 November 2012

Fashion Photography!

This week in Digital Photography class we had to take photos and base them on our course, so I thought it would be a good idea to set up a fashion studio scene with garments in construction. I think it turned out great, obviously didn't change the aperture like my teacher wanted but oh well, I made them my style.

Wednesday, 7 November 2012

Raffaele Ascione!

Today was amazing to meet Raffaele Ascione, an already-made-it becoming-more-famous fashion designer who currently lives in London, from Italy but studied in my college back in 2003-2005 , Limerick College of Further Education, and learnt from the same tutors I am now. He was inspiring and he really gave me more drive and determination with the fashion industry as I felt like I was going no where with it recently, he even told us that he to this day, even though he's already made it in the industry, still doubts himself. I really learnt alot from him today such as if I really want the full fashion experience I should get myself work experience in any part of the industry with any free time that I have and do interns during the summer just to gain valuable skills and experience. I was totally star struck by him, althought I acted calm. I cant believe that it hasnt taken him long to make it in the industry and hes already worked with Lady Gaga, Jessie J and Florence Welch aswel as being approached by Burberry, Max Mara and even got to work for Pugh and John Rocha. 
This evening I went straight home and researched what I have to do to get myself in a position like him, I even found out that St Angelas College, Sligo is starting a new course in September 2012 doing Fashion Design & Business Mananagment which is right up my street. Just gotta work well in my course getting five distinctions and a portfolio by February 1st. Im too excited for my future now, I hope it works out.

Tuesday, 6 November 2012


I think these black/silver Lita Spike boots are just amazing! These bad boys are pretty lethal! Consider that the disclaimer, the spikes ARE pretty bad ass, but that’s EXACTLY why we love these hugely popular Jeffrey Campbell shoes. Wear these to toughen up a floral dress, or stick with some leather trousers for the overall fierce look!  They are from Folkster and were designed by Jeffery Campbell. They are £169 and are easily bought online.


My three trends that I have picked is Leopard Print, Futuristic & Lace. They are based on shops from mostly Middle Market but I tried to also base my trends on Top Market and Mass Market products too.  

The Middle Market shops that I found most of my products in were River Island, Topshop, Dorothy Perkins, New Look, Miss Selfridge, Debenhams and Next. Prices here ranged from as low as £15 to anything up to £100. I found that River Island had the best range of clothes to suit my three trends as Leopard Print was found in one huge corner of each store, whilst Lace and the Futuristic trend were basically everywhere to be found within the shop. The River Island stores that were most useful to me were Limerick, Derry and Belfast. Also I was able to make great use of for getting information on the exact fabrics and prints being used on the clothes.

The Top Market and Mass Market clothes based on my trend were hard to find. With Top Market I found that the clothes were always top class but still very plain and I prefer clothes with a bit of ‘va-va-voom’ or life about them and I found it hard to find clothes like this online and in store. Also I found that the details on the clothes were quite hidden apart from the price about them which did nothing but stand out to me, but because of the fact that it was hard to find details on them I decided not to use them. With Mass Market I found that at the start of my trends project, it was easy to find clothes and prints based on my trends but before you know it, the market would have moved on within a week and your trends would have completely left the shop apart from the bare minimum of last week’s not-yet sold stock – Penney’s as an example. Also with Mass Market stores, they don’t have a proper online shopping experience with the online store just displaying examples of clothes and trends that are in this season and not actually letting you browse or even pursue to buy the clothes there and then, being told that you would find them in ‘Your Local Store!’

I have based my A/W 2012/13 Trends Report on the Leopard Print Look, Futuristic Look and Lace Look, all mostly from the Middle Market which makes the clothes based on my trends, reasonably priced and good standards of quality of prints, colour and fabrics.

Monday, 5 November 2012


 I got my tickets ordered for Lana Del Rey this morning I'm just so excited, it's on 26 March 2013 in Vicar Street, Dublin. I'm going with my friend alex and we are just too excited. Also Lana is releasing the Paradise Edition of her Born to Die album next Monday so that means more excitement.

Sunday, 4 November 2012


I love my new canvas shoes. I know they're plain and there isn't lots of admiration to be found in them, but I think they're brilliant because the colour is neutral and will hopefully match all my outfits, I can't wait to wear them tomorrow. They are £22 from Topman & are part of the new TOPMAN SPORTS CANVAS range. I got £2 of using my student card, typical cheapskate. Also on the same day, I went to see Paranormal Activity 4 which was terrible. Just in case you think it's scary, it's not. Once you've seen the first one, you've basically seen them all.  

November blues..

1st of November begins the countdown to Christmas and also to the date which I can begin to open my advent calendar, which I can say that I am definitely not too old for! I was set a few assignments by my college tutors over the Halloween but as usual I left everything to the night before. The one bit of work I did do was take photo's for Digital Photography. Up above is a beautiful picture of a fungus I found. I like it's composition because it is in the middle of the photo and becomes the focus whilst the rest of the photo appears blurred. Definitely shows a sign of winter beginning now.

A picture of me taken by my friend Hannah. I am inside a small house inside my local forest, it was used for defense as it it's based on a hill at the side of the River Roe in the 1700's.  


For Halloween i went to Kelly's Lush nightclub , , but on arrival we were turned at the door because they had just shut them as there was already 2000 people in there. We then went to The Anchor, Portstewart and it was brilliant apart from the fact that I lost everyone at the start of the night and it was a bit too crowded. Good night had by all though!

My mask was just too scary!

Amy's Halloween outfit was a bit glamorous compared to mine! She wore a beautiful cream playsuit, florescent pink heels, a set of devil horns, a vodka in one hand and a pair of sunglasses that she found in the girls toilets! Classy..