Thursday, 25 October 2012

College Banter!

On friday I propsed to Avril with this huge ring of hers, unfortunately it got stuck on her finger for ten minutes and wouldn't come of til she used half a gallon of soap. I reckon she secretly wanted Sean from Health & Safety to be her knight in shining armour and help her!

On friday we also got this email from Pat , a college co-ordinator person about the use of liquids in the computer room which is not permitted, in his words. He did say that if we wanted to bring water in, it had to have a sports cap. Danielle wants to know will this do on top of a bottle of water! Just too funny!

Warm Cosy Night's in..

It's actually got so cold lately and the evenings have got darker just so quick. Surely the clock's will have to be put back an hour soon? anyway, tonight is definitely a night for the fire. Soaps, tea and a cosy fire lit. Hopefully get an early night tonight also as I've to be up early for my 6 hour journey to Derry, Northern Ireland tomorrow to stay with my Dad for halloween. Will post up some Northy pics for those of you who have never seen that side of the border. I swear there is no guns, bombs or cars on fire.


Last night I was working on the farm and was told that this 9 month old calf was going to have to be washed by me, like a baby, with a sponge and soap. I adopted him as my own. I named him Jeff. I now have adopted a 9 month old calf called Jeff (after my teddy Jeff, the dog). He looks dirty and scruffy here but that was just before he was going to be washed. After washing him and letting him dry, I made him a bed with hay and cleaned all down his pen. After I did this, I let him back into his pen.. he leaped and hopped around like a baby putting his head in the hay and throwing it in the air with his head. It was too cute. This post is to confirm, that I Lee Quigley , has became a father of one at the young age of 18!


So I was out and about today and I remembered being told to watch out for the 'change of season', and that's exactly what I did! Look at these amazing colourful leaves that I thought represent Autumn wonderfully. I came across them walking into my estate just on the side of the road so they'd basically been through the wars since they've fallen from the tree's. I think they're beautiful and thought I'd share them with you. I also used the first picture as my facebook cover photo.

Tuesday, 23 October 2012


Rebecca Ferguson looks so hot in this picture, taken from the video 'Too good to lose'. I really admire how she worked the dress. It is plain but that helps to let you admire it even more because it is able to flow and seems to match well with many colours, such has her gold jewellary and dark brown locks. Another thing I admire her for is the way she has handled her ex Zayn Malik's nasty comments about their relationship, stating it to be 'a mistake!'. Rebecca came out the mature one as she refused to comment and said her career is more important at the minute. Good for her!

Emeli Sande's supporting acts!

Foy Vance and Duke Special supported Emeli Sande, it was a long wait but all three acts were amazing. You will know Foy Vance from the Denny Ham advert.. 'Home birds sing....'


Too excited for re-lease of Our Version of Events by Emeli Sande. The woman is just amazing and so talented. Will never forget her performing in August 18 2012 in Custom House Square , Belfast.

More than 'OK!'

HOW HOT IS SHE?! I couldnt believe it this morning when OK! Magazine posted this picture of Josie Gibson on their cover of this week's magazine and then when they posted this photo of Josie photographed out in public, she has lost so much weight! - 6 stone infact! Well done Josie, she's went up and down in her weight the last few years, but this time she really has gone for a big loss. It's people like Josie that inspire me to try and lose weight.
'SOMETIME'S WHEN IM SAD I THINK OF THE GIRL WHO GOT HER FACE RIPPED OF BY A CHIMPANZEE?' - Incase you're unshure who Josie is, she won Big Brother in 2009/10 and was famous for this quote when she was depressed smoking a cigarrette talking to a friend in the Big Brother garden. Hilarious.

Will I or won't I?

I know these are skinny fit jeans and I'm not skinny nor do I have the figure for skinny fit but these are in my size and in a size bigger, so I wonder what I would actually look like in them. Probably resemble a carrot - small on bottom and big on top. Tempting!

Taylor Swift - The Last Time (ft. Gary Lightbody) (Lyrics) (from Red)

OMG! Two of my favourite singers have collaborated together for Taylor Swift's new album 'RED'. I am too excited to get home and buy the album now!!

Topmans stepping up!

For so long I've been waiting for these Grey chambray and navy twill 2 tone canvas plimsolls on the popular mystery chunky sole. 100% TEXTILE. Topman, Burton, River Island ( MY FAVOURITE SHOPS) have only had plain browns, blacks and navys in this past season. I love grey coloured canvas' because they're neutral and go with everything. My other favourite colour to wear is burgundy.
Think I will have to buy these also just to match. £50 for both together! Can't wait to get my grant, a bit of online shopping will be done.


Yesterday morning was a very cold morning to stand and wait on the bus but watching the sun rise was just beautiful. This is a photograph overlooking Rocky's pub showing the rosemantic background.

Saturday night out to Tesco!

Usually on a saturday night after working all day, I usually go out, but this week I was on baby-sitting duty. Baby-sitting duty for me usually consists of sitting watching Saturday night TV alone, whilst my 14 year-old sister sits upstairs texting me to turn down the TV. This time there was a change, I was not going to be told what to do, nor was I going to be sitting on my own. Brought over a friend, bought half of Tesco and made halloween cookies. Saturday night well spent!

It can't be that bad..

Every saturday I work asa farm hand on my mum's boyfriends farm just so I can afford to go out that night.. I really used to hate the farm, the countryside and everything that goes with.  Over the last few weeks , with the cold weather beginning, I've really started to admire the scenery that comes with the change of weather. This photograph was taken at 9am last saturday from the back yard. To the left you can see the beginning of the Silvermine Mountains. Working with this in sight makes me think that working on a farm, well, 'it can't be that bad...'


Last Tuesday it was official! Autumn and me were sick of college and needed a good pint! We were originally going to go for sausage rolls at Mace but got diverted to the Horse and Hound pub on the way where we had chips, garlic & cheese followed by a few pints of Fosters. We had to then  leave for Digital Photography which wasn't so bad because we had alcohol in us. Tuesday has come around again and IM TEMPTED TO GO AGAIN! decisions decisions!

Tuesday, 2 October 2012


A design that I drew earlier this week. I've seen alot of over-sized coats and jackets this season, so even though the jacket i designed was cropped , I designed so that it still appeared over-sized. Also I've seen pencil skirts back in this season and ankle boots, so I thought I might aswel throw them into design. Simple and basic, Less is more!
This Dress is the same dress that Princess Diana wore on the day of her wedding to Prince Charles. It is only a copy, althought the tiara and veil are the original that the princess wore on her wedding. These items were on display in the Fashion Icon Museum in Newbridge, Co. Kildare. It was an amazing experience to see these items in real life, and even be able to take pictures of them. Other items on display were Audrey Hpeburn's gloves, jewellery and dresses along with cheques from Marilyn Monroe and even Mariylns famous red & white poka-dot umbrella!

Japanese Gardens, Kildare!