Tuesday, 9 April 2013

My Fashion Shoot!

For my Digital Photography Assignment, I had to create my own fashion shoot. I chose my friend Aimee O'Connell as my selected model and used her clothes. It was a great experience to do as I have learnt so many different camera techniques throughout the year and this helped me to take all these photos in the way that I did. Secondly, I have Image Processing once a week and this class helped me to edit my photo's by lightening the photos in certain areas and making certain areas of the shoot stand out more compared to other areas. I enjoyed the experience and if I had the chance later in life, I'd definitely love to be involved in fashion shoots, photography, magazines, hair & make-up.
I chose Aimee a wine coloured blazer along with a light denim shirt and cream wool jumper. Also to go with this look was legging's and dark red Doc Martins. She wore two simple pearl bracelets along with a rose and gold mirror pendant necklace. I wanted to create 'The Student Look' which is quirky and does stand out. I also loved Aimee's glasses which were by Gok Wan so I decided to keep them for the shoot as I always think glasses refers to reading and studying which then relates to students.
I chose Limerick's People Park as it has many different areas to take photo's. This time of year, Spring, has many new animals and plants around so it was great to mix nature into this shoot. My favourite place of all to shoot the photo's in the park was by the tree's. My first photo below was taken here and there was many more taken here. I had great fun directing the shoot and telling Aimee how to stand or pose. Aimee was really easy to work with and remained calm all through when being instructed how to pose.

Tuesday, 5 March 2013

Dido !!

I can't believe that Dido is back with a great album! Its been far too long. No Freedom is the track that she has decided to release first and I think it is so beautiful. It is relaxing and it shows how great her voice is as the music is quite low and her voice is high. Now to have a tour from her..

Burgundy Spring '13 Look!

I really do love burgundy and I am delighted that it's back in this season. I'm not too sure if this will be the last of my buying for my Spring '13 look, but Im looking forward to receiving these in the post soon!

Love this Burgundy Baseball style jacket! Its 44Euro but lucky for me I got it on sale for 33.40Euro as there was an online sale at the weekend!
The next Burgundy item that I bought was this Polo shirt. I love Polo shirts for when I go out at the weekend with friends. I think polo shirts are great as they can be trendy to go out in but if you were to wear a jacket with it, you could make it more formal for a classier event. The polo shirt is 25Euro from Next.
Although these jeans aren't quite burgundy, it would be a shame not to complete my outfit so a pair of jeans were a must! These Jeans are currently on sale at 26Euro but unfortunately for me, I had to pay the full price of 40Euro.

The last burgundy item that I bought to complete my outfit was these Jack and Jones laced pumps! I actually bought them first but they're my favourite so its good to leave the best til last! They are from asos and cost 31.16Euro.

The Parlour - Contract

The Parlour is a new bar that is open in Limerick city. It is an 1800's inspired theme. In the above picture, Autumn is holding leaflets advertising the fashion show that was going to be at The Parlour that night. Our class competed against one another to design The Parlour's new 1800's inspired uniform. Autumn, Katie and Rose all got through to the finals and their final creations were to be displayed at a fashion show held by The Parlour. I was unable to attend unfortunately but the finalists definitely deserved to be there. No doubt that Rose won the competition, even though both Katie and Autumn's designs were equally great!
Here is Rose on the left pictured with her model and daughter in the middle that is wearing her winning piece. The look is a tweed look waistcoat and a ruffled neck piece. Rose won the contract to create the final uniform for The Parlour which I hope to see in the bar soon!
Also pictured is Marion Murphy Cooney, a Limerick designer who was guest judge at the event. she owns The Design Altier Boutique.

Tuesday, 29 January 2013


For my Digital Photography class I had to take ten photos before christmas based on different camera techniques that I have learnt since September. All these photos have had two small slight changes added to them using Photoshop, another skill that I have learnt since being in LCFE.
Based on Colour - The photo has been brightened and the exposure was lowered.

Based on Pattern - I used Auto Tone and darkened the colour of the photo.

Based on Framing - I used curves on this.

Based on Leading Lines - I increased the exposure and increased the magenta filter.

Based on Symmetry - I used auto tone on this photo and and increased the vibrance.

Based on Pattern - I used Auto Colour and increased the saturation.

Based on Pattern and Texture - I used Auto Tone and Blured the corners.

Based on Rule of Thirds - I increased the exposure and contrast.

Based on Shutter Speed - I used Auto Colour on this and increased the exposure.

Based on Texture - I increased the exposure and used Auto Tone on this.