Tuesday, 23 October 2012

More than 'OK!'

HOW HOT IS SHE?! I couldnt believe it this morning when OK! Magazine posted this picture of Josie Gibson on their cover of this week's magazine and then when they posted this photo of Josie photographed out in public, she has lost so much weight! - 6 stone infact! Well done Josie, she's went up and down in her weight the last few years, but this time she really has gone for a big loss. It's people like Josie that inspire me to try and lose weight.
'SOMETIME'S WHEN IM SAD I THINK OF THE GIRL WHO GOT HER FACE RIPPED OF BY A CHIMPANZEE?' - Incase you're unshure who Josie is, she won Big Brother in 2009/10 and was famous for this quote when she was depressed smoking a cigarrette talking to a friend in the Big Brother garden. Hilarious.

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