Thursday, 25 October 2012


Last night I was working on the farm and was told that this 9 month old calf was going to have to be washed by me, like a baby, with a sponge and soap. I adopted him as my own. I named him Jeff. I now have adopted a 9 month old calf called Jeff (after my teddy Jeff, the dog). He looks dirty and scruffy here but that was just before he was going to be washed. After washing him and letting him dry, I made him a bed with hay and cleaned all down his pen. After I did this, I let him back into his pen.. he leaped and hopped around like a baby putting his head in the hay and throwing it in the air with his head. It was too cute. This post is to confirm, that I Lee Quigley , has became a father of one at the young age of 18!

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